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We at Feel Koli have more than twenty years of experience in nature related activities in Koli; we are committed at providing authentic, unique nature experiences for our customers. On your unhurried Feel Koli nature tours, you can truly experience Koli by slowing down and connecting with the nature. We provide nature excursions in all seasons and all weather: In summer we offer nature walks, hikes and tours.  And in winter, we gently explore the surroundings with snowshoes.

Our core values are respect for the nature, ecological way of living, sustainability and responsibility. Welcome to join us on our nature tours, to visit Koli Shop Retkitupa, and to experience one of Finland’s most beautiful national landscapes!

Feel Koli – Authentic Experiences in Koli

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Feel Koli Nature Tours

All our excursions, tours, and walks have their roots in the rich local history and the unique nature of Koli. On our excursions you can slow down, immerse yourself in the nature and to all our senses to feel the beautiful natural surroundings. And of course, we also enjoy the exercise in the fresh, pure air of Koli!

We offer several activities all year round. In the summer and winter high season we have scheduled weekly activities with guaranteed departures for individual travellers, small groups and families. For groups, we offer tailored activities and tours all year round.

Feel Koli Nature Tours in Koli National Park North Karelia Lakeland Finland

Koli Shop Retkitupa Closed on 31st March 2022

After serving visitors and locals for 22 years, Koli Shop Retkitupa closed on 31.3.2022. For the last four years, Koli Shop Retkitupa was in a rental location in Koli Nature Centre Ukko. In April 2022 the Nature Centre will close for 2 months due to renovations, and after the renovation there will not be space for Retkitupa in the building.

Our guided nature tours and hikes for both individuals and groups will continue throughout this coming spring, summer and autumn.

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Coronavirus Situation

We ask our customers to follow instructions and news about Covid-19 situation in North Karelia. It is adviced to maintain social distance and stay at home if you have any symptom. We take extra care to clean our facilities and to follow guidelines about washing hands and maintaining distance. Stay healthy!

“Koli has many faces. To many, Koli is Finland’s most beautiful natural attraction. Koli National Park and the surroundings provide a unique combination of internationally recognized natural and cultural attractions together with a broad range of quality tourist services in all seasons. ”

From the -site you can find more information about the services and events in the Koli area.

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