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Koli Shop Retkitupa has a wide selection of souvenirs and outdoor equipment including T-shirts, knives, jewellery, and wooden kuksa cups made in Finland. In our store you also find Ticket To The Moon hammocks, camping gas, fire starters and other gear you need for hiking or camping out. In the winter we offer high-quality Faber snowshoes and Snowline snow spikes as wells as beanies, fleece jackets and gloves to keep you warm. We also rent outdoor gear. The products we sell are carefully selected by three nature-loving outdoors-women. We value durable and environmentally friendly products and strive to find locally made specialties and souvenirs.
Welcome to Koli Shop Retkitupa!

Opening Hours

Mon–Sat 10–17

Sun 10–15

SUMMER 2020:


Mon–Sat 10–19

Sun 10–17


20.–26.4.2020 CLOSED

2.–29.11.2020 CLOSED

25.–26.12.2020 open 10–15

Image: Koli beanie.

Koli Shop Retkitupa – starting point for your winter tours!

Koli Shop Retkitupa, located in Koli Nature Centre Ukko, is open daily. We are only a couple of metres from the trails of Koli National Park, close to Ukko-Koli and the other landmarks of Koli.

We have a wide range of high-quality outdoor gear and clothing, such as warm beanies and gloves, merino wool underwear and warm socks. All our merino products are mulesing free. We also have a wide selection of souvenirs such as Koli magnets, T-shirts, postcards and badges.

From Koli Shop Retkitupa you can also rent outdoor equipment. We have good selection of rental gear, for example snowshoes, spikes for your shoes, and even forest skis.  New rental gear are warm winter boots and headlamps. We also have thermos, backpacks and a child carrier for your winter treks.

Our expert staff will be happy to help you with selecting the right gear for you! When renting gear, we give tips on best places to go and show you how to use the gear safely. Welcome to your local expert, Koli Shop Retkitupa!

Image: Owners of Koli Shop Retkitupa and Feel Koli Marja, Hanna and Irja

Contact Information

Address: Ylä-Kolintie 39, 83960 KOLI
Phone: +358400 2313 32

Koli Shop Retkitupa is located at the Koli Nature Centre Ukko. The shop is easily accessible also with wheelchair and pushchair.

Image: Wood Jewel -magnets, made in Finland
Image: Finnish Kupilka and fish from Pielinen
Image: Koli and other hats, made in Finland
At Koli Shop Retkitupa you can also rent outdoor equipment such as sleeping bags,
hammocks, snowshoes or a child carrier.

Cover photo: Kirsti Hassinen