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Koli Shop Retkitupa has a wide selection of souvenirs and outdoor equipment including T-shirts, knives, jewellery, and wooden kuksa cups made in Finland. In our store you also find Ticket To The Moon hammocks, camping gas, fire starters and other gear you need for hiking or camping out. In the winter we offer high-quality Faber snowshoes and Snowline snow spikes as wells as beanies, fleece jackets and gloves to keep you warm. We also rent outdoor gear. The products we sell are carefully selected by three nature-loving outdoors-women. We value durable and environmentally friendly products and strive to find locally made specialties and souvenirs.
Welcome to Koli Shop Retkitupa!

Opening Hours

1.1.–21.6.2019 Mon–Sat 10–17 Sun 10–15
22.6.–11.8.2019 Mon–Sat 9–19 Sun 10–17
12.8.–31.12.2019 Mon–Sat 10–17 Sun 10–15

Christmas 2019:
24.12.2019 10–14 (Exhibitions and cafeteria of Koli Nature Centre Ukko closed)
25.–26.12.2019 10–15

CLOSED 11.11.–8.11.2019 due to maintenance.

Image: Koli Soap

New Arrivals in Koli Shop Retkitupa

New Members in Kupilka Family

In Koli Shop Retkitupa we have a wide range of Kupilka products. We are proud to be a Kupilka, eco dishware and survival gear, retailer. The products are ecological, durable, made from biomaterial with EKOenergy, they are excellent for outdoor catering – and they look good! We also use the Kupilka cups on our nature tours. We sell, of course, Kupilkas with Koli logo, but as well Kupilkas with moose, salmon and mushroom laser marking and original Kupilkas with no markings. We carry all the colours available, brown, green, red and black.

This summer we have to new additions to our Kupilka selection: Kupilka 12 and Kupilka FireSteel 8. Kupilka 12, a smaller version of the original Kupilka 21, is perfect for children. Its volume is 1.2 dl and it fits well in smaller hands, too.

Kupilka FireSteel 8 is a sturdy fire steel which creates big sparks up to 3000C. It comes with a striker. This product has already won several awards, including ISPO Award 2019.

Image: Kupilka Ecological Cups
Image: Kupilka FireSteel 8

Contact Information

Address: Ylä-Kolintie 39, 83960 KOLI
Phone: +358400 2313 32

Koli Shop Retkitupa is located at the Koli Nature Centre Ukko. The shop is easily accessible also with wheelchair and pushchair.

Image: Wood Jewel -magnets, made in Finland
Image: Finnish Kupilka and fish from Pielinen
Image: Koli and other hats, made in Finland
At Koli Shop Retkitupa you can also rent outdoor equipment such as sleeping bags,
hammocks, snowshoes or a child carrier.

Cover photo: Kirsti Hassinen